Over the past couple of months we’ve been focusing on finalising our new identity. This has involved a rebrand, a redesign, and an upgrade of our content management system. No small undertaking but we’re delighted with the results.

There’s no doubt it has been a long and sometimes stressful process. That said, its been a truly collaborative effort – and this is certainly how we like to do things.

Our philosophy is to always work with people who can improve what we do. So we got in touch with our good friends at Remote Location to see if they could help us redesign our website. We’ve always loved their work and having collaborated with them successfully in the past they were the first people we contacted.

They agreed to develop our screen designs so we set-about defining our objectives and compiling all of the necessary documentation. Once the information architecture of the website was locked-off we then produced wireframes so we could clearly detail what content should appear on each page.

Having reviewed all of our inputs Adam worked really hard on capturing what we wanted to achieve as well as how we should communicate this visually. After a few iterations it became clear that working with our previous identity was proving restrictive. So Adam, went above and beyond the call of duty by developing a completely new concept for our branding.

He then used our love of information architecture and process mapping as inspiration for his screen designs. He wanted to produce a distinctive look for the website that was tongue in cheek and avoided the use of high impact sliders and carousels. It certainly took us a while to feel confident about the designs as it was such a radical departure from what we were used to. But now that we’ve become accustomed to them it’s hard to imagine that some of us ever doubted them!

The best thing about our new identity is how flexible it is and how well it works across a wide range of applications. So we owe you a big THANK YOU Adam, thanks for persevering with us and delivering so much within the time frame.

With our new branding and screen designs locked-off it was time for Anton to dive into applying the design to the latest version of our content management system (CMS) – Awesom-o. He then integrated our blog, which runs on WordPress, with the new website and updated the CSS.

Implementing a redeisgn on top of a major upgrade to a CMS was tricky as there were so many unforeseens. That said, the effort that has gone into this has paid off handsomely as the CMS has now been tested extensively. We’re particularly grateful for all of Anton’s hard work and commitment as he’s been working around the clock even after the latest addition to his family arrived!!!

Given the circumstances we had a soft launch of the website last week. This allowed us to make a few tweaks here and there to copy and functionality prior to rolling it out to a wider audience. As with all of our projects the launch is just the start. So expect to see a number of enhancements and additions over the coming months.

Take a look around our new website – it explains clearly and concisely what we do, how we do it and the results we’ve achieved (well at least some of them). If you have any feedback you’d like to share on our new branding and website then please feel free to get in touch – we’d love to hear what you think.

The Border Crossing UX Team

Our team of user experience consultants specialise in research, facilitation, strategy, and design. Together, we help clients transform the experiences they deliver.