Harness the knowledge and experience of key stakeholders.

Bringing together diverse perspectives, including those of external stakeholders, to explore and co-create solutions can be challenging. But there’s no doubt that this can lead to richer insights and more robust solutions. 

That’s why clients choose us to design and facilitate engagement and co-creation events that harness the knowledge and insights of external as well as internal stakeholders.

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What are engagement and co-deign events?

Co-design involves the direct involvement of end users and key stakeholders throughout a design process. This tends to involve a series of engagement events or co-design workshops, in which participants are asked to participate in a number of different interactive collaborative design exercises. These are focussed on exploring and gaining a deeper understanding of the problem area. Additional exercises may also be facilitated that result int the co-creation of as broad a range of potential solutions as possible.

A good engagement or co-design event should:

  • Provide a safe and inclusive space
  • Involve a complete or balanced range of representative users
  • Stimulate people to share their personal experiences
  • Result in the generation of as many relevant ideas as possible

Key benefits of a engagement or co-design event

Gain a greater understanding of user needs.
Generate a broader range of potential solutions.
Capture end-user input and feedback on key decisions.

What do I get?

In the course of planning, facilitating, or documenting the outputs from an engagement event or a series of co-design workshops the following outputs and deliverables are likely to be developed:
  • Project brief, plan, and schedule
  • Risk register
  • Design challenge and key questions to be answered
  • Participant screening, selection, and engagement
  • Event comms and agenda
  • Lightning talk plan and guidelines
  • Event slides and exercise templates
  • Event/workshop outputs documentation 
  • Event feedback forms and reports


Fees for a:

  • Single engagement or co-deign event starts from £15,000 (exc. VAT) for up to 16 participants.
  • A series of engagement or co-design events start from £35,000 (exc. VAT) for up to 3x events/16 participants per event.


The average turn-around time for a:

  • Single engagement and co-deign event is 3-months.
  • Series of engagement and co-design events is 6-months.

What our clients think

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How do you approach engagement and co-design events?

Our user centred approach to engagement and co-design events ensures we help internal teams:

1. Identify desired outcomes and known constraints

  • Define required outputs, roles, and responsibilities
  • Review key source information
  • Define risk register and project plan

2. Conduct preliminary research

  • Stakeholder survey
  • Secondary research
  • Define priming assets to be developed

3. Define what needs to be done on the day

  • Define event logistics and participant lists
  • Identify relevant lightning talks
  • Develop exercises and worksheet templates

4. Preparation and facilitation

  • Develop priming assets
  • Distribute key information
  • On-the-day facilitation

5. Deliver the outputs and support required

  • Handover workshop outputs
  • Develop synthesised deliverables
  • Provide the ongoing support required

Our user centred approach to facilitating engagement and co-design events is guaranteed to deliver the outcomes you need.

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