Build your in-house UX capabilities.

Organisations that deliver great experiences are committed to learning. This is achieved by ensuring people, processes, and measurements of success are focussed on not only understanding but continuously improving how products or services meet people’s needs.

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What is UX capacity building?

UX capacity-building is a strategic process that is focussed on evaluating current practices and identifying how best to improve an organisation’s ability to continuously improve the experiences they deliver.

This is achieved by identifying and evaluating your organisation’s:

  • Long-term vision for in-house capabilities and what outcomes this will result in for key stakeholders
  • Existing leadership, penetration, and collaboration
  • Existing budgets, infrastructure, and assets
  • Existing in-house resources, team structures, and management
  • Existing measurements of success, processes, and standards
  • Existing outputs and current performance (financial, quality, feedback)
  • Long-term user experience capacity building roadmap
Capacity building expanding matrix diagram
Capacity building expanding matrix diagram

Key benefits of UX capacity building:

Translate strategic intent into action.
Define a long-term strategic business case.
Stimulate positive organisational change.

What do I get?

In the course of a UX capacity building engagement the following deliverables are likely to be developed:
  • Current state findings
  • Future state vision and GAP analysis
  • Long-term UX capacity building roadmap
  • UX capacity building business case
  • Measurements of success model
  • UX principles
  • UCD processes, manuals and playbooks
  • Tactical assets and templates

Additional support and outputs are driven by organisational needs and goals.


Fees for an initial UX capacity building evaluation start from £25,000 (exc. VAT). Ongoing support fees are dependent on scope.


The minimum turnaround time is 12-weeks.

What our clients think

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How do you approach UX capacity building?

Our approach to UX capacity building ensures we:

1. Understand context

  • Kick-off workshop
  • Confirm inputs to be evaluated
  • Project plan

2. Evaluate the current state

  • Product/service/touch point performance analysis
  • Resourcing, management, and process review
  • Stakeholder research and interviews

3. Define the future state

  • Establish a shared strategic vision
  • Define what must be achieved
  • Identify how progress and success will be measured

4. Prioritise and plan

  • Gap analysis
  • Capability mapping
  • Action planning and roadmapping

5. Communicate findings effectively

  • Face to face presentation(s)
  • UX capacity building plan and roadmap
  • GAP analysis documentation

Our UX capacity building services enable clients to close strategic gaps, overcome operational challenges, and deliver better experiences, faster.

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